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Our Glossary provides definitions for several common terms you will likely encounter throughout the application and underwriting process.

Dexter Financial Glossary of Terms

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  • Cash Value Life Insurance

    The value of a life insurance policy if the policy is redeemed for cash.

  • Certificate of Occupancy (CO)

    A certificate issued by a local building department to a builder or renovator indicating that the premises is in a safe condition to be occupied.

  • Collateral

    Assets that are used to secure the repayment of a financial obligation.

  • Commitment Letter

    A letter that briefly explains the terms and conditions of a pending financial transaction.

  • Corporate Resolution

    A document signed by the officers of a corporation that certifies that the individual signing an agreement on behalf of the corporation has the authority to enter the corporation into an agreement.

  • Covenants

    A legal promise to do something or refrain from doing something.

  • Credit Bureau Report

    The report generated by the credit bureau that shows a person or entity’s credit history.

  • Credit Worthiness

    The ability of a person or entity to obtain credit.