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Our Glossary provides definitions for several common terms you will likely encounter throughout the application and underwriting process.

Dexter Financial Glossary of Terms

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  • Accrued Interest

    Interest that has accumulated since the last loan payment.

  • ACH (Automated Clearing House)

    An automatic draw or draft made from a checking (or depository) account on a specific date each month.

  • Additional Insured

    An insurance term in which a party is named on the policy in addition to the actual policy holder.

  • Advance Payments (Up-front Payments)

    Payments submitted before the agreement is started.

  • Amortization

    A schedule that shows a breakdown of the interest and principal portion of each payment and the principal balance remaining.

  • Ancillary Equipment

    Equipment used in a laundry that is in addition to washers and dryers, e.g., change machine, soap vendor, laundry carts, folding tables, etc.

  • Asset

    Property that has value regardless of whether or not you can see the property (tangible — e.g., an automobile) or not (intangible — e.g., contract rights).

  • Assumption (Assignment)

    The process of transferring an agreement from one party to another.

  • Audited Financial Statement

    Financial statements that have been reviewed by an accountant and certified as accurate.