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Our Glossary provides definitions for several common terms you will likely encounter throughout the application and underwriting process.

Dexter Financial Glossary of Terms

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  • Balance Sheet

    A financial statement showing assets and liabilities for an entity.

  • Bankruptcy

    A legal process undertaken by an individual or organization that is unable to meet its financial obligations. Debts may be reorganized or eliminated under the supervision of the bankruptcy court.

  • Borrower (Debtor)

    Person or entity who obtains money from a different person or entity.

  • Broker

    An intermediary who facilitates the sale of property, businesses, etc.

  • Buildout (Leasehold Improvements)

    The specific construction and/or associated cost required to alter the building for the requirements of a laundry.

  • Buy-sell Agreement

    An agreement that details the terms and conditions of the sale and purchase of a business.